Key Stage 5

Experience grammar in context



Workshops can be one-off sessions or a series of sessions. By arrangement with the French teacher they can focus on specific issues, such as:
• Pronunciation remedial (ever wanted to correct that "u"?)
• Day-to-day Communication
• Improvisation (to improve fluency)
• Vocabulary building
• Script writing of short scenes
• Grammar in context (past tenses/ subjunctive…)
Boost their confidence and see them create short scenes experiencing grammar in context.

Workshop can also be designed around a film or book studied in class; however if you want to boost your pupils’ confidence and make them speak, a general workshop is recommended.

Optimum number of pupils is up to 20.The workshop can be tailored to the teacher's needs.

Workshops are designed by a French native experienced qualified teacher (QTS, CAPES) who has taught languages in primary and secondary schools, universities and for the Alliance Française.

Please email Audrey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 0781 659 0609 to request a quote.



"The workshop organised by Audrey was very creative and engaging. Our sixth form students thoroughly enjoyed the activities offered from improvising a short play to miming. The activities were well planned and ‘spot on’ in terms of the level of challenge. Years 12 and 13 are still talking about it and will never forget the difference between the sounds ‘u’ and ‘ou’! I would definitely recommend this company to other schools. Thank you very much for 2 great hours full of fun and challenge."
C.B.Head of French (Nottingham Girls’ High School)